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Upcoming Isha Yoga Retreat


 4 day Isha Angamardana Retreat 

 16 - 19 Nov 2023 | Poland

      Take a long weekend off and learn the Isha Power   

      Yoga Angamardana for life in a beautiful venue near

  • Improve & deepen your learned practices

  • Learn the Angamardana that can help you reach the physical and mental peak

  • Jala Neti to start the day with clarity that is new to you.

  • Food Session: know how to eat for maximum energy. Learn to make healthy and yummy Smoothies.

  • Fun time hanging out with like-minded people in beautiful location.

"I feel much more fit, alive and aware through the retreat. It's amazing to get to know people from so many different professional backgrounds connecting through Isha Yoga. I am inspired and motivated to keep the yoga practice going daily after the retreat. I am so grateful for this beautiful experience. "​

"The most vital aspects of the retreats are the people, the nature, the atmosphere, getting up early, the food, the attention to the schedule and the dedication to the Sadhana. I feel now I have a very stable foundation for my daily practice. And mindful eating is an important learning for me as well."​

"The way the retreat was planned and executed was very similar to other foundation programs. Food was great. Now I have the motivation to take my Sadhana further. I have more clarity in what to do in my life. And I will remember many loving moments experienced in the retreat. "​

"The retreat gave me far more than what I expected: beautiful people, supportive atmosphere, and the amazing energy of the group. I am so grateful and my heart is so full. Please organize more such retreats. "​

 8 Day Isha Hatha Yoga Winter Retreat 

 20 - 27 Jan 2024 | Brandenburg

"Yoga is about rising to a new level of balance and competence in all aspects of life." 

~ Sadhguru

  • Improve & deepen your learned practices

  • Learn Yogasanas to naturally achieve a state of health, joy and bliss. 

  • Learn simple & powerful stand alone practices 

  • Enjoy delicious vegan food that maximize your energy 

  • Learn how to make yummy Smoothies

  • Fun time hanging out with like-minded people in beautiful location


I had such a wonderful experience in the first retreat in Berlin were I learned Yogasanas, that I had to attend the next one in France to learn even more yoga (Angamardana). It is the best way to learn a new practice as the teaching is very detailed and explained with patience and full support after the retreat. Dhanya is such a wonderful teacher and was really attentive with each of us. On top, I enjoyed joyful and intense days surrounded by wonderful nature, amazing people and healthy food.

Impressions from our last retreats

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"Yoga is towards creating a sense of inner fulfillment, where there is no need to lean on anyone or anything. "


- Sadhguru

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