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Smoothie Workshop

Green Smoothie
Green smoothie is probably the most important innovation in the field of nutrition in the last decades. It tastes good and it is packed with nutrition. It's simple to make and it is practical to enjoy, at home or take away, as breakfast or as energy drink throughout the day. 

In the smoothie workshop, you will learn:

  • The discovery of green smoothie

  • Why are smoothies so healthy?

  • Was are the proper ingredients and how to combine them?

  • What kind of mixer you should look for?

  • How to make it / Tipps & Tricks for yummy smoothies.

  • Recipes and experiments.

Price: 58€,  all organic ingredients inclusive

Next event: 6-10 pm, 29.09.2022




Warm Smoothie

After I quit drinking coffee, I started looking for alternatives. Teas are fine and nice, but I want something more exciting.;) In China where I grew up we used to eat a kind of porridge that made from a mixture of black sesame, walnut, sticky rice powder and jaggery. It was a very delicious childhood memory. I experimented with these ingredients, mixing sesame, nuts with plant milk and add dates for sweetening. The result was a big smile on my face. 

After a while I started serving this kind of warm drinks in my workshops. My participants liked them and enjoyed them with big smiles. 

Warm smoothie, just like green smoothie, covers in my opinion the three most important characteristics when it comes to food: delicious, healthy and easy to prepare. 

Learn how to make them or create your own in my next warm smoothie workshop. 

Price: 58€,  all ingredients inclusive

Next event: 6-10 pm, 29.09.2022


The smoothie workshop delivered more than what we had expected. We have not only gained the knowledge about the history and all  the benefits of the green smoothie, about different ingredients and how to combine them. Some of the ingredients like sprouts, seeds and raw peanut are novel to us and very eye opening. We could directly make a few different smoothies in the workshop by ourselves. Simple as they are, You do need to know a few tricks to make real good ones. We would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in healthy diet or just enjoy fresh and tasty food.  

- Maria & Lara, Friedrichshain -

I know Dhanyas smoothie workshop through WeChat. The biggest take-way for me was to know that I don’t have to follow any recipes. I can combine veggies and fruits that I like or whatever is available at home. That is kind of new freedom for me. We also made almond milk and tried for the first time almond milk with red bean. It was delicious! Looking forward to visit Dhanya’s cooking class “Eat Like a Yogi”

- Xianni -

This is the first time that I tried making smoothie by myself. I have two kids and they don’t eat much vegetables. After smoothie workshop, I tried many different combinations at home. It’s really simple. They look good and taste good. Now I make smoothie for my family every morning. I found a simple way to keep us healthy. Thank you Dhanya!               

- Pamela -

Here a glimpse of the smoothie workshops

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"The way you eat not only decides your physical health, but the very way you think, feel and experience life.."


- Sadhguru

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