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Eat Like a Yogi

What you call as my body is just an accumulation of the food we eat. Food is about the body. In yoga there‘s absolutely nothing religious, philosophical, spiritual or moral about the food we eat. It is only a question of whether the food is compatible with the kind of body we own.

Eating like a yogi means to eat for maximum energy. Find out the right food for you that keeps your body light and your mind clear. 

This workshop is composed of two parts:

Part 1 - Theory  - Online Session
Food & Body - from yogic perspective


In this online workshop you will learn:

  • How food is related to body.

  • Relationship between food and sleep.

  • Why vegetarian is better for you.

  • How raw food can improve your energy level.

  • How to eat and drink properly.

  • Ekadashi fasting.


Part 2 - Practice - in Person
In the cooking session, you will learn:

  • How to sprout green gram and horsegram.

  • How to consume raw nuts properly.

  • How to roast nuts and seeds properly.

  • How to mix the salad dressing that can never go wrong and can be easily variated.

  • How to combine the right ingredients for a yummy salad. 

  • How to cook a simple lentil soup that can be easily variated. 

  • How to make green smoothie and warm smoothie.

  • How to make healthy snack and dessert.


98€, all inclusive

***You may book Part 1 alone for 25€.
Part 2 automatically includes Part 1. 


If you book Part 1 and later book Part 2, you only need to pay the difference of 73€.

Next Event:
Part 1 Online Workshop


What a wonderful cooking session. Like always with Dhanya (her yoga workshops), with lovely people, warm atmosphere, this time plus delicious and healthy food. I wanted to learn new recipes that I can integrate into my daily life. After the cooking (also enjoying the result of it) I felt light and vital.

The structure of the workshop was helpful and well-thought: after the informative theoretical part we prepared the dishes with local food combined with Indian herbs, finalized with fresh herbs, faromatic seeds and nuts. The final result was beautiful in color and delicious in taste. I really enjoyed the workshop!                       

- Simon-

Part 2 In Person Cooking Class

Here a glipmse of the food sessions

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"The way you eat not only decides your phyisical health, but also the way you think, feel and experience life."


- Sadhguru

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