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now. Classical Hatha Yoga
now. Classical Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga for Children

Yoga is beneficial not only for adults, but also for children. Hatha Yoga for Children offers a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential.
Today, children often encounter emotional, social and physical challenges, simply by living in a competitive world which demands a lot from young kids. Isha Hatha Yoga celebrates the natural gifts within every child including wonder and a sense of oneness with life.

Isha Yoga for Children's Class consists of a few simple life enhancing yoga practices and breathing techniques. Participants of Children's programs often experience more emotional and psychological balance, enhanced concentration and memory, more focus, and improved mind-body coordination. The practices learnt help prevent obesity, asthma, sinusitis and other chronic ailments.​​

Hatha Yoga for Family

We also offer Hatha Yoga for Family to encourage parents to participate in the Yoga course together with their kids. They learn the same yoga practices and breathing techniques that are taught in Children's Yoga session which also benefit adults in many ways.  All the practices learnt in the class can also be practiced independently at home. This way parents and children can not only enjoy more quality time together, but also they tend to practice yoga more frequently. 

Comparing to Children's Yoga course participants in Family Yoga program can even enjoy price advantage as we wish to see more parents doing yoga with their children.:-)  

Main Benefits

  • Enhances flexibility, strength and body awareness 

  • Improves emotional & psychological balance

  • Enhance Memory and Concentration

  • Improve Mind-Body Coordination

  • Boosts self esteem and confidence

  • Reduce risk of obesity, asthma, sinusitis and other chronic ailments.

Practice Requirements

  • Suitable for ages 7-12

  • low-level intensity

  • No experience of yoga necessary


Childrens Yoga (weekly session): 35€ monthly

Family Yoga (weekly session): 25€ monthly

Children's Yoga Weekend Workshop: 75€

Discount possible for those who need it. 

More about Hatha Yoga for Children


This space is very nourishing for learning yoga. The yoga you learn here touches you to the depth that you are ready to go. The teacher, Dhanya is considerate, insightful and thoughtful, she supports you from where you are in your journey. If you want to go further and need support, she is there for you! So don't wait, book your sessions - lets make it happen!


now. Classical Hatha Yoga

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"It is very important that early in life, a child gets exposed to the right things, things that work from within because arrangements we make in the world around us can only be managed to a certain extent."


- Sadhguru

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