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Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and the transition to parenthood is a wonderful and life enhancing experience.

This journey and its profound experience can be enhanced even further through yoga and meditation. Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps expectant mothers to maintain a stable body, a still mind and balanced emotions. By cultivating a joyful pregnancy, one paves the way for a vibrant life for their child. 

Isha Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga is a wholesome offering which aids in relieving back pain, tension and anxiety throughout the pregnancy and during delivery. With a focus on over all health and wellbeing, this workshop will nurture positivity and offer support to enhance the lives of both the mother and child. 

now. Classical Hatha Yoga

Main Benefits

  • safe and effective support for mother and child

  • strengthens the muscles

  • improves balance and flexibility

  • relieves back and shoulder pain

  • activates the spine

  • prepares the body and mind for a natural birth

  • healthy food suggestions

Practice Requirements

  • From 4th month of pregnancy 

  • low-level intensity

  • No experience of yoga necessary


Prenatal Yoga Workshop: 150€​

Discount possible for those who need it. 


This space is very nourishing for learning yoga. The yoga you learn here touches you to the depth that you are ready to go. The teacher, Dhanya is considerate, insightful and thoughtful, she supports you from where you are in your journey. If you want to go further and need support, she is there for you! So don't wait, book your sessions - lets make it happen!

More about Prenatal Yoga
Practice Sessions

After the workshop you will be able to practice Prenatal Yoga independently and integrate it flexibly into your daily life. There will be a correction session three weeks after the workshop. For those who prefer to practice regularly under guidance we offer regular guided session. You can also come to our monthly open free session where correction can be provided if needed. The learnt practices are not only beneficial during the pregnancy, they can be further practiced after the child birth.  

now. Classical Hatha Yoga

Diedenhoferstr. 3, 10405 Berlin

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"Health does not come from outside but from within. Every cell in your body is working for your wellbeing. If you are in tune with your system, you will naturally be healthy."


- Sadhguru

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