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Upgrade Your Energy in 7 Days
With daily 20 minutes Yoga + 1 Green Smoothie
5th -12th January 2024 | Online

You have a strong will and clear goal with your career and personal development, but very often you feel too exhausted to take actions? Or you take actions and enjoy making things happen, but you also tend to overwork yourself and always feel stressed? You have many roles to play: as colleague, as parent, as partner, as son/daughter, you want to play them all well and there’s hardly any time and energy left for yourself? Are you living and working under your full potential, and longing to live up your dreams?

Then it’s time to lift up your energy, because it is the fuel for your success.


Have you noticed that on the days when you feel energetic, you are naturally more open and joyful? And whatever you do, they seem to be effortless and efficient?

In this 7 day online program, you will learn some simple and powerful Classical (Isha) Yoga practices including Hatha yoga, pranayama (breathing technique) and meditaiton. You will also learn how to make naturally tasty raw food that is essential to make you feel energetic. The combination of these two aspects can raise your energy to a level new to you.  

What you can expect from the 7 day online program:


Classical (Isha) Hatha Yoga

  • 3 effective Hatha Yoga practices to relax and strengthen the most common work-related problem areas: neck, shoulders and back 

  • 2 pranayams (breathing technique) to increase the immune system and bring balance to your thoughts, activities and emotions. 

  • 1 guided meditation that calms mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety.

  • You will be able to do all above practices independently after the online program.


  • 10 principles of yogic diet for more stability, balance and vitality.

  • Smoothie Workshop on the first day, with lots of ideas and inspirations for the participants to create their own mix during the 7 day program

  • Learn how to consume raw nuts & grow sprouts

  • Learn how to make energy balls & nourishing warm smoothies

  • Video materials available for food preparation

  • Community power: whatsapp group for Q & A, exchange & support. 

  • You will not only get easy to make recipes for delicious and nourishing drinks and snacks, but also learn the principles to combine food in such way that they are naturally tasty and energizing. 

At the end of the program you will not only enjoy the elevated energy, but also equipped with simple and efficient tools to maintain this new level of vitality - with only 20 minutes yoga pracitce and 1 green smoothie!


Daily one hour online session from 5th - 12th Jan. 2024
Two Time Slots to choose from (CET Time-Zone):

Morining Session: 6 am - 7 am
Evening Session: 6 pm - 7 pm


Smoothie workshop will be additional: 3 pm - 4 pm on 5th Jan. 2024
For those who are not able to attend, the recording will be available.


It's possible to switch between morgning and evening sessions. In case you can not attend the morging session, you can attend the evening session.


Group support with whatsapp.


Early Bird: 375€ till 10. Dez.2023
Regular price: 435€
The price also covers some of ingredients you will need: raw peanuts, green bean and sesame seeds. 

You pay 100€ when registering online and the rest 4 weeks before the program starts per Bank Transfer.  

More about the yogic diet



Yoga is about rising to a new level of balance and competence in all aspects of life.

                                                                - Sadhguru


I had such a wonderful experience in the first retreat in Berlin were I learned Yogasanas, that I had to attend the next one in France to learn even more yoga (Angamardana). It is the best way to learn a new practice as the teaching is very detailed and explained with patience and full support after the retreat. Dhanya is such a wonderful teacher and was really attentive with each of us. On top, I enjoyed joyful and intense days surrounded by wonderful nature, amazing people and healthy food.


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"The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to establish a body that is less susceptible to outside influences – a stable platform to build life upon. "


- Sadhguru

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