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Isha Hahta Yoga Sadhna Retreat in Lithuania August 2021

8 days, 21 participants, 3 teachers (together with wonderful Audra from Lithuania and Julia from Poland), 2 volunteers (lovely Meda and Milda from Lithuania). What a beautiful retreat we have had! 

The retreat was already fully booked in the early bird phase. Participants have certain expectations, same for us as organizers. But it exceeded our expectations. The event turned out to be an overwhelming experience for all of us, and for quite a few a life-changing experience.

We had dedicated and joyful people with an intensive and diverse program starting daily at 5:30. Already learned yoga practices got corrected or reviewed. New practices are taught and guided. Chanting and meditation were integrated into daily schedule. Still there's plenty of time to explore the nature, exchange with like-minded people and play just for fun. Every day is filled with touching and loving moments as well as laughter. Not to mention the delicious food with positive prana that kept everyone light and energetic throughout the day.  

Below is a visual impression from our retreat. 

Christine's lalabyChristine Scherzer
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I had such a wonderful experience in the first retreat in Berlin were I learned Yogasanas, that I had to attend the next one in France to learn even more yoga (Angamardana). It is the best way to learn a new practice as the teaching is very detailed and explained with patience and full support after the retreat. Dhanya is such a wonderful teacher and was really attentive with each of us. On top, I enjoyed joyful and intense days surrounded by wonderful nature, amazing people and healthy food.


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